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Friday, April 24, 2015

New World Order Is Here! Beware

What is The New World Order?  
New world order is an international agenda to control the whole wide world under one rule,  one world government controlled by a very small minority of wealthy royalty, secret socities, corporations, and international bankers. Have you noticed lately how all dictators around the world are getting killed off one by one? The new world order has been in the making for decades through family bloodlines and establishing governments. This small minority of people control the majority of the world through mind control, religion, war, education and everything else systematic.

Check out your dollar bill right now. Do you know what those symbols mean or the wording? Many people everyday use these bills but never have taken the time to see what it is or what it says. The wording Novus Ordo Seclorum is  in Latin and in English translates to Secular New World. Secular means a world without spirituality and more materialism. The New World Order will consist of a very evil world with nothing spiritual. The Illuminati makes materialism look like gold. Materialism is what the occultist use to control the masses. The Illuminati and their corporations use cell pones, cars, iPods, iPads, computers, iPhones, TV, media, music, education the internet and so forth to guide you to their plan to completely control you. Soon you will be chipped, and the Illuminati will make it seem so cool, so it wont be forced on to you. You will will just be a sheeple and follow. There will be no truth in the New World Order. Only a world of illness, mind control, and slaves. 

Who Started The New World Order?
The New World Order was started by a anonymous group of people. I suspect it was started by different wealthy family bloodlines in Europe. That's why they are called secret societies, to keep their secret agenda to rule the world a secret amongst only the evil family bloodlines that currently control you and I.

The New World Order is called many things like one world government. New World Order also consist of the Illuminati which was started by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. 1776 is the same year the U.S became a independent nation. The Great Ol' New World. Presidents, Vice presidents, Politicians, Judges, police, teachers, professors, etc, all have something to do with the New world Order. Some know it. Some don't. Your life is no longer in your control. Human rights slowly diminishing, only some with privileges will be allowed. Your life is now controlled by the New World Order. The Illuminati wants your mind, soul, and body.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Did Anyone See Hen Dogg from Sugar Hill Gang HipHop New World Order Tattoo on Black Ink VH1?

Hen Dogg from Sugar Hill Gang took a trip by Black Ink Crew to get a  New World Order tattoo done by Ceaser. 
Ceaser drew out the tattoo for Hen Dogg which was a headphone over the globe and up under the globe it has A New World Order. Above the globe it has Hip-Hop. Check out picture above.
What exactly is a Hip-Hop New World Order? Does this mean Hip-Hop will take over the world? Hmmm? Not if they keep selling out to the dollar bill and Baphomet.

Why did Hen Dogg get a New World Order tattoo? What does it mean to him? Obviously Hen Dogg knows about the occultist's demonic evil plan to control the world with their One World Government.
What do you think? Watch Video Here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Top 10 Surprising History Facts You Probably Did Not Know about The Police Department

1. The London Metropolitan Police is considered the first modern police department by Sir Robert Peel in 1829.

2.  Sir Robert Peel is regularly alluded to as the father of cutting edge policing, as he played a vital part in the production of the Police department, and in addition a few fundamental standards that would later guide the arrangement in the United States Police Department.

3. One of Sir Robert Peel standards implementation was for the officers to not convey guns and present badge numbers so natives  and citizens could without much of a stretch distinguish them. Robert Peel likewise felt that men who were calm and collective (reserved) would make the best cops.

4. In the early phases of advancement in both England and Colonial America, nationals were in charge of law implementation in their communities.The English alluded to this as kin police in which individuals were in charge of looking out for their relatives or family.

5. "Sheriff" is a withdrawal of the expression "shire reeve", from the Old English scīrgerefa, assigned an illustrious authority in charge of keeping the peace (a "reeve") all through a shire (city) or district or area for the king.

6.  Legislative issues assumed a real part in American policing in the 1800's.

7. Samuel Walker recognized slave watchers or slave patrol as the first openly financed police organizations in the American South. Slave Patrol (or "paddyrollers") were made to deal with the race based clash happening in the southern locale of Colonial America; the patrols were made with the particular goal of keeping up control over slave populations.

8. Organizations, for example like the military and the Ku Klux Klan assumed control over the obligations of prior Slave Patrol and were known to be much more savage than their antecedents. Over the long haul, these groups started to establish police divisions in the United States.

9. By 1837 the Charleston Police Department had 100 officers and the essential capacity of this association was slave watching. These officers directed the developments of slaves and free blacks, checking records, and getting runaway slaves.

10.While some see slave watching or "Slave Patrol" as the first formal endeavor at policing in America, others recognize the unification of police offices in a few noteworthy urban areas in the right on time to mid-1800s as the starting point in the advancement of advanced policing in the United States.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Satanic Nephilims Fallen Angels Illuminati New World Order Leaders

Do You Believe In Aliens or Nephilims?

What in the world is going on in this world right now? WARS, MURDERS, RAPE, ABUSE, AND  MIND CONTROL. New World Order is on the rise and ALREADY HERE. The demonic new world order Illuminati bastards are trying to control the whole globe and everything in it CHECK OUT ELBERTON COUNTY GUIDE-STONES, AKA HUMANITIES TOMBSTONE. Sounds like something demonic got a hold of the earth and now controlling it. Have you heard of Nephilims? The Nephilims are considered the children of fallen angels, much like the Satan the devil whom was also a fallen angel. Read genesis  chapter 6 verse 4. The Nephilims are a group of demonic, giant, hybrid aliens that came to earth and saw the earth women and thought they were beautiful and they began to mate with them, making offspring's. Who today are the offspring's of those demonic Nephilims?

The Nephilims are still here with us. They are the politicians, Queens, Kings, Illuminati, Teachers, Occultist that run the the media, music, education, rules, laws and so forth. They are the bloodlines of fallen angels or non earthlings. Why do you think the world is so crazy, full of hate and famine? Because their hybrid humans.  Nephilims don't care about the earth and it's being.  Soulless people run the government that runs our lives. They never left earth. They now control us with there evil politics and we are now SLAVES TO HYBRID HUMANS THAT TRACK US WITH SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, RFID CHIP, AND EVEN A HUMAN MICROCHIP.

The Nephilim /ˈnɛfɨˌlɪm/ (Hebrew: נפילים‎) were offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge according to Genesis 6:4; the name is also used in reference to giants who inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan according to Numbers 13:33.
Source Wikipedia.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is The New World Order A Government Conspiracy or Are You Just Blind?

The New World Order, by now, you ought to have listened to that term. But, do you really comprehend precisely just what it suggests? Do you recognize that or precisely just what is in charge of it? Do you recognize precisely just how they plan to bring it to life? Do you have any type of sort of suggestion when it's going to take place?

New Globe Order Conspiracy theory, Fact or Fiction?

There was a time in my life when I assumed it was all just another conspiracy principle. I assumed that the New Globe Order (NWO) was just a little group of individuals. I presumed these individuals abhorred our globe's federal governments which they comprised conspiracies to obtain support for their program. It wasn't till I heard other individuals talking about it, that I started to do my very own research on it and I began to view things in different means. I saw that a few of things they were going over were going on in this nation along with I also viewed it occurring in various other countries additionally. I could not bring myself to assume that there was a real conspiracy, so I started doing in deepness research to verify that this 'New Globe Order' factors was not just folks imagination. It was TRUE.

My Course To the One World Federal Government
  The further I did my research on the New World Order, the much more I started to understand there was no conspiracy, that it was indeed the truth, a truth, that the New World Order exist now and also has been existing for hundreds of years now. Everything doubtful in America was being questioned rightfully so as well as simply further evidence that it was a lot more facts that anything fictitious from a sci-fi movie. As I maintained excavating, it ended up being an increasing number of apparent that the New World Order, or One World Federal federal government, was as genuine as my very own life. This understanding has sent shock-waves via my life. It has actually truly opened my eyes. All you have to do is look, look around and observe. You will find as well the answers.

What is the NWO?
We at first ought to understand what the New World Order is. Some folks think it is a much better method to run world governments and also some individuals think that the superpowers of our world are behind it. I must inform you that reality significance of the NWO is much more frightening compared to these fantastic thoughts. At this extremely minute, the government governments of our world are conspiring versus you and also me. They appear conspiring versus each different other, as we see reported in the information, yet they are in fact targeting us! They are doing this while they keep us enthralled by 24-hour information programs as well as sporting occasions. Their target is to have you in addition to I be their servants while a select couple of run along with own everything. Do you presume this is unsubstantiated?

The Illuminati: Not Just Fiction
Who do you believe is running this New Globe Order? Well, they are individuals that are presently running every little thing. Our lives are already managed and also identified by our government governments. For me, it's the united state federal government. My federal government is now entirely and absolutely being run by the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a secret society that has in fact been preparing to take control of the globe for a minimum of 200 years. The Illuminati came from on May 1,1776. They were developed by Adam Weishaupt who was a German instructor. The main focus of this group was a quest for world domination. You do not think this is true? Have you ever looked very closely at a buck expenses? On the reverse side of the costs, you will check out a pyramid with the eye in it. This has actually been the Illuminati indicator since the organization was established. Whether you would like to think it or otherwise, the Illuminati have a major effect on our lives. These are people which that started Socialism and Communism as well as they were Illuminatists. Karl Marx was honestly an Illuminatist. He could be a whole lot a lot more open then, since the Illuminati were much more public back in his day.

The Bilderberg Group
If you understand anything pertaining to the Illuminati, you would comprehend that they are not still anticipated to be energized. Nonetheless this is improper! There is a yearly meeting that is included among the most reliable people worldwide. Experts that attend this meeting are described as the Bilderberg Group. These conferences are extremely deceptive along with efficiently secured. If this team of the worlds most effective people were meeting for our benefits, then why is it such a method? Fundamental, it's because as the heads of the Illuminati, they don't want their plans to be subjected. These people hold most of the worlds wide range as well as it would certainly be monetarily easy for them to take command of.

Famous Bilderbergs
Below are merely a few of professionals that visited the remaining Bilderberg conference:
Robert L. Bartley (Publisher, Commercial Journal).
Samuel R Berger (Assistant to the Head of state for Security as well as security Issues).
Lee H. Hamilton (Congressman).
Colin L. Powell (Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Personnel).
Lesley R. Stahl (National Matters Contributor, CBS).

The Illuminati signed up with forces with the Freemasons a long time back in the day. In fact, they could have in truth permeated and also took control of the Masons. We do not learn about the Illuminati along with the Bilderberg group excessive in our documents, posts, etc., given that most of their leaders as well as owners are individuals of these secret societies.

Visit for more real New World Order news.